Tristars Conwy Junior Triathlon Club Welsh Triathlon Club of the Year 2016
Tristars Conwy Junior Triathlon ClubWelsh Triathlon Club of the Year 2016


Presentation Night 2016

Club Trisuits

Tri-suits arrived and very nice they were.

North Wales Coaches Forum

Sunday 1st March saw the Second Coaches Forum with Rich Brady, Performance Development Coach at Welsh Triathlon. Rich explained a number of points about changes in Triathlon rules including the incoming regulations about gear ratios allowed for Tristars athletes and legal wheels. Details will be posted on the web site and we will discuss this at club night down at the track.

Club Member Trophy

We have prepared a list of attendances for all athletes. This shows who has the best attendance and is leading in the Club Member trophy. Race results in a triathlon, aquathlon and duathlon event also count towards the Club Member trophy with two points per event. Events must be recorded on the result form which can be found here.


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UPDATE - We have had to make several date changes. Please go here for more full details.

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